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Houdini User Group at the California Academy of Sciences

On October 6, 2016 I helped co-host the Bay Area Houdini User Group at the California Academy of Sciences. We had a great turn out of from veteran to aspiring Houdini users, students, and hobbyists. The meeting was put on mostly through the effort of Patrica Cornet of Gridmarkets. I also have to thank Cheryl Vanderbilt, Tom Kennedy, Ryan Wyatt and the rest of the great folks I work with at the Academy of Sciences, all of whom helped out in one way or another. I gave a presentation which you can view below starting at about 9 min where I give a brief overview of the Visualization Studio, what we do, and how we use Houdini. After that we brought the whole crowd into the Morrison Planetarium where we showed a demo reel of many full-dome shots we've created with Houdini and several of my team-members spoke about their role in the creation of those shots. So again thank you to Matt Blackwell, Jeroen Lapre, Erik Krumrey, Mike Schmitt and Tom Kennedy for speaking at the event, and thanks to Kira Hammond, Michael Garza and the rest for helping make the dome presentation possible!

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